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A Bathing Ape (or BAPE) is a Japanese-style brand established by Nigo (Tomoaki Nagao) in Ura-Harajuku in 1993. The brand works in everyone’s way of life and road wear, running 19 stores in Japan.

Close to this time, BAPE was at its pinnacle, and famous rappers and forces to be reckoned with in the US started to catch wind of this underground Japanese mark that was prepared to get through into the U.S. market. Fortunately, NIGO met record maker, rapper, artist, and musician Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D through Jacob the Gem dealer, who made note of the team’s comparative desire for adornments. BAPE’s unmistakable and brilliant taste adjusted flawlessly with Pharrell’s own style.

When selecting your ideal Bape hoodie, several factors should be taken into consideration.

  • Firstly, assess your body type when selecting sizes – finding one which is comfortable yet still flattering will ensure maximum impact and complete freedom of movement during wear.
  • Secondly consider color options; black and greys are classic choices however playful patterned pieces or bright hues may better cater to personalized style requirements.

Ultimately if shopping online vs. in-store remember most retailers have free returns/exchanges giving customers peace of mind compensation-wise throughout every purchase made from their store – so take advantage where ever possible.
Our Different variety of jackets, Hoodies, and T-shirts:

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• Bape Planet Zipper Hoodie
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• Sweaters

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