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Bape Men’s Shorts

Bape men’s collection gets better with each passing season. The Japanese fashion brand, Bape, has been churning out some of the most popular styles in recent years including bold and brazen underpants or popularly the Bape shorts. Bape continues to impress with its awesome line of high-quality products; the all-new Bape men’s shorts for summer and winter have already hit the stores and are rocking Bape fans with their all-new quality designs and fits.

The Bape x New Balance shorts are made of lightweight mesh fabric, with a signature Bape logo on the waistband. The shorts feature an elastic waistband, an interior drawstring, and two side pockets if you would like. The shorts also have an adjustable drawcord at the top, allowing a custom fit. Plus, the multivariate designs and colors can be easily matched with any of your Bape shirts and accessories.

The patterns and saturation on each of the Bape men’s shorts will make the experience more ecstatic for men in their comfy hours. Select from a range of Bape camo shorts i.e., the multi-colored camouflage, the military-style camo shorts, or tribal camo for a more impressive feel and look. The Japanese brand leaves no stone unturned in providing the greatest comfort along with style.

Bape Shorts Women’s

Shorts for women normally have more design varieties and color combinations than men’s. The new season of Bape shorts women’s collection comprises matching denim shorts in navy, sky, brown, black, and pink. These colors come with embroidered motifs, abstract & camo prints, and star-embroidery mini denim and can be worn with a simple bathing ape tee and sneakers. Bape shorts for women are made favorably comfortable and easy to wear both indoors and outdoors. You can pair it up with a t-shirt, sweater, jacket, and so on; nothing can stop you from matching these casual Bape shorts with any top you would dream of.

For women, the sizing is made fit-to-wear as in sweat shorts for men. Denim and drawstring shorts for women are available in both loose and fit sizing to make them wearable for all body shapes. With a size range from XS to Large, the Bape shorts women’s collection is an ideal pick for those who love Bape but do not want to go overboard. You can also go for a matching pair of Bape capris for a casual yet fashionable look.

How to know If my Bape Shorts are Real or Fake?

Bape shorts are sold as limited edition clothing and are quite expensive for their quality fabric and immense popularity in streetwear fashion. The shorts are made from the same fabric as Bape hoodies. The price factor and popularity have encouraged fakesters to launch alternate Bape shorts replicas that are lower in price, quality, and feel than the original ones.

If you have bought one for half the original price from a shady online sale and want to know if your Bape shorts are real or fake, check these points to attest:

  • The color pattern will be fluent on real Bape shorts.
  • The prints will be more visible when seen with the naked eye. In fake Bape shorts, prints are faded or irregular throughout the shorts’ width.
  • Fake Bape shorts are sticky and wet when touched from the outside. The original Bape shorts are dry and more sophisticated at the touch.
  • Fake Bape shorts are less elastic than the original Bape shorts. When worn, the original Bape shorts will not fall off easily. Fake Bape shorts can be taken off with ease.
  • Fake Bape shorts will be more porous than the original Bape shorts. When wearing Bape shorts, a person can feel the fabric’s texture. The original Bape shorts have a smooth texture.
  • The original Bape shorts are made from a thick cotton fabric. Fake Bape shorts are made from a thin cotton fabric. The color texture is lighter in fake Bape shorts. If your Bape shorts are real, the colors will be deeply embedded in the fabric.
  • The Bape head logo is seamless and perfectly sewn in Bape shorts real. On the fake ones, gold labels are improperly sewn from the front and back.
  • The back of the original Bape shorts is flat. The back of the fake Bape shorts is curved.

Bape Camo Shorts

Bape camo shorts for men and women are made from cotton, polyester, and a stretchy fabric lining that will be comfortable to wear all day. The camouflage design includes hundreds of style variants and color combinations to keep your vibes fresh and fashionable. Plus, the camo pattern is not overly detailed so it is easy to wear with your favorite tee and jeans as well. The shorts are printed with beaming projections, featuring colorful tints and timeless fabric quality.

Bape camo shorts are durable, soft, and comfortable. They are made breathable and allow you to stay cool during warm weather. The lining material makes them comfortable to wear all day long. Bape shorts also feature either a zipper closure or elastic waistband to ensure a perfect fit. The waistband of the shorts can also be rolled up for a more relaxed look. The camo pattern on the shorts is detailed but not overly detailed, so it will be easy to pair with your favorite clothes.

If you have been on the hunt for camo shorts, then Bape’s camo shorts are a perfect choice to try with many kinds of tees and tops! For women, Bape camo shorts are available in sizes S-XL, while for men the shorts are available in sizes XS-XL.

The colorful camo patterns in pink, red, brown, and grey are designed specifically for women in both loose and tight fittings. For men, light grey, white x charcoal, blue, and navy shades are included in the Bape camo shorts collection.

Bape Shorts Black

Bape shorts black by a Bathing Ape are the most popular and best-seller shorts design on the streetwear market. These Bape shorts are designed to authenticate the street wearer’s choice of underpants. In addition, black shorts are wildly popular among fans of the brand and can be found in ample quantity and with many design options in stores, boutiques, and online. Bape shorts in black are marketed in long and short styles and in sizes from XXS to XL for men and women.

These shorts look fascinating with white and black tees, long sleeves, tank tops, sweatshirts, or jackets as well. The universal hues in black shorts fit seamlessly with any dark or bright color combination. Moreover, Black shorts are breathable, comfy, and great for gym, sports, or casual wear.

Bape Shorts Red

Red Bape shorts offer a spirited footmark and intensity to their wearers. These shorts have a relaxed fit with a drawstring waist or a buttoned fly option. A side pocket with a logo is also included to complete the streetwear attire. Bape shorts red are for both men and women, and they come in many variations to fit the style and size of everyone. The color camo shark design is the most popular unisex design with a size range from XS-3XL. The Bathing Ape shorts with tank tops and tees look great in red for both men and women.

Red Bape shorts are made out of durable cotton and are printed with all sorts of different designs by Bape’s quality manufacturing facilities. The stupifying color depth with the right fit will make you fall in love with the brand if you haven’t already.

Blue Bape Shorts

Blue Bape shorts have diverse print options and combinations to try on with all sorts of shirts, full sleeves, tees, tops, skirts, and more. Plus, Blue Bape shirts have a sizing range to fit all sizes and genders. If you are looking for Bape shirts that fit perfectly on all your summer dresses, blue Bape shorts are the answer.

You can find a wide variety of colors and prints in loose frivolity shorts or in tight-size-fit ones. Blue Bape shorts include camo x shark, bathing ape, plain, military camo, and star-shape, and various other designs and color combinations. They can go with all your outfits from casual to formal and everything in between.

Another great thing about blue Bape shorts is that they can go with just about any shirt and jacket that you may be wearing. The breathable cotton with porous fabric, durable elastic waistband, and internal drawstring make sure that these shorts fit almost everyone.

Pink Bape Shorts

Pink is the color of love and affection, beauty, and femininity. This makes pink a very popular choice for women’s clothing and accessories. Pink Bape shorts are precisely made only for women with sizes ranging from XS-L. These pink shorts are particularly designed with dark and light shades along with various patterns and embroidery options for casual and formal fits. For lighter skin tones, dark pink shorts will look good, whereas darker skin tones would look good in light pink shorts.

Pink shorts are made with breathable cotton material and extravagant color sprinkles here and there to live up to the customer’s comfort, style, and fit simultaneously. The fabric of the pink bape shorts is soft and smooth to the touch. The waistband is placed at the center of the hip line and has an elastic waistband.

These shorts also have a pair of two pockets on the right leg and one pocket on the left leg. If you’re not into pocketed shorts, select one without pockets. These pink Bape shorts offer various color schemes and designs, including camo shark, star, inverted shark head, military-style pink camo, and more.

Grey Bape Shorts

Grey is the most unbiased color in Bape shorts. This makes grey Bape shorts the most versatile to wear to a day at the beach or for a walk in the park. Plus, the neutrality makes grey the perfect color for all seasons, occasions, and locations. If you are not into the variety, grey Bape shorts are an option that will look perfect with just about everything on top.

For women, Grey Bape shorts will set up well in plain or star x camo with both light and dark shirts and skirts. For men, grey Bape shorts will look great with plain t-shirts, tank tops, or even vests. If you want an all-encompassing shorts color for your Bape shirts, grey is the answer.